The eyes are the window to the soul


This type of surgery improves the appearance of the eyelids , usually aesthetic defects that are hereditary, for example if a family member suffered the problem ( look baggy eyes), it is why the operation can be done at a young age or in maturity.

It is one of the most common operations.


Sloughing , especially upper eyelids.
Lump or fat bags especially lower eyelids.
Tired and sad eyes.
Dark circles can not lead to a surgery.

From the age of 20 and on.
It depends on race, and heredity.

A week before Avoid intense sun exposure.
Avoid the intense cold.
Give up smoking.
No curl or dye eyelashes.

From 1 to 2 hours.
Upper eyelids 1 hour.
Eyelids less than 1 to 1.5 hours.

Local most times.
Local sedation.
General when associated with other procedures.

Upper eyelid in the natural crease.
Lower eyelid under the eyelashes or inside.

Not necesary.
Usually from 4-6 hrs in recovery.
Minor discomfort.

Swelling from 1-2 weeks.
Bruises by 1 to 2 weeks.
Tearing and crusting for 3 days.
Itchiness and redness for 5 days.
Taking off the Points at the 5th day.

Visible results 1 month after the surgery.
Final results after 3 months.
Little noticeable scars.
It does not change facial expressions.
Natural and fresh face results.
Improves the appearance of a tired face.
Crow's feet may need additional treatment of botulinum toxin.
Palpebral bags can regrow after 15 years

Bandage on both eyes for 4 hours.
Micro pore patches for 5 days.
Cold packs for 3 days.
6 days rest. Return to work between 8 and 12 days.
Makeup 8 days after.
Antibiotic for 7 days .
Painkiller for 3 days.
Eyedrops for 1 week.
Avoid direct sun baths for 1 month.
Exercise 3 weeks after.

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