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Botulinum toxin is used to decrease the strength of the muscles that cause wrinkles on face and neck.
Botulinum toxin is one of the best plastic surgeon’s tool, because it is the best complement before or after blepharoplasty or a facelift (face lift ) .
There are several brands on the market. We use the two most recognized in Mexico . BOTOX TM and TM DYSPOR/strong>


In pero orbital or peri orbicular wrinkles (around the eyes)
Among furrowed.
Neck ( plastismales bands ) .

Not necessary.
Local Emla sometimes to numb the skin.
Ice can be used before application.

2 Incapacity 2 weeks before.
No limitation.
Normal activities the next day .

Do not massage the area the first 4 hours.
Do not exercise for the first 4 hours.
Do not lie down to sleep the first 2 hours.

At least 4 months.
Maximum 8 months.
Average 6 months.

From the first 24 hours.
The full effect within two weeks is established.
The reappearance of wrinkles is slow and gradual.

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