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Calf Augmentation

The calves are increased by special prostheses, which have an elongated shape or fusiform.

They are silicone gel implants made of the elongated arrangement of the calf. It is recommended in cases of skinny leg, or deformed by polio or accident .


Skinny or thin legs.
Birth defects.
Polio defects.
Accidents’ deffects.

At any age after development in both men and women.

Blood tests.
Avoid cigarette 2 weeks before the procedure.
Avoid alcohol, 2 days before the procedure.
Avoid aspirin 2 weeks before the procedure.

From 2 to 3 hours facedown.

Epidural with sedation.

4 cm behind the knee popliteal crease, on each leg.

Not necessary if it is the only surgery
One night in case of general anesthesia.

Intense pain in both legs by 4 to 5 days, muscular type.
One leg can hurt more than the other.

Resultados Results a month after the surgery.
Good at a long term.

Rest upside down with both legs elevated for 5 days.
Disability for one to two weeks.
Bandages usage or special stockings for 4 weeks.
Exercise after 1 month.

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