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In other countries it is known as Lifting , equivalent to " suspension " or uprising , which applies to the aging face and neck. Also it is known as rhytidectomy or facelift , which is translated as eliminating " wrinkles " . It is the star of procedures for treating facial and neck aging.


There are several techniques to do it ; front , cervical , facial, endoscopic subperiosteal , the SMAS , minimal incisions , extensive incisions , retro and pre headphones, etc.
The plastic surgeon is who will determine which is the best technique and also which will give better results according to each particular case .


Facial aging.
Aging neck.
Palpebral aging.
Pronounced weight loss.

Preventive since 35 years old.
Remedial since 45 years old.
At any age in large weight losses.

2 Weeks before
Avoid smoking and alcoholism.
Avoid exhausting diets.
Avoid taking aspirin and carnictina .

1 Week before :
Avoid the intense sun exposure .
Avoid the intense cold exposure.
Do not suspend the exercise .
Preoperative complete .
Cardiological assessment in over 45 years. 8 hours before : Fasting required .
Intervention, Anesthesia and Incisions

2 to 4 hours.
It can be complemented with other treatments ; eyelids , nose, chin liposuction , lip augmentation, botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers , bags bichat (decreased cheeks) . It can be Cutaneous and muscular . It may be accompanied by the eyebrows rising.

Local anesthesia and sedation.
General or combined extensive facelift.

Incisions Incisions inside the scalp.
In the pre auricular groove in front of the ear on its binding to the face.
On the back of the ear.
Occasionally under the chin.

It is not necessary when moderate lifting .
24 hours or combined extensive facelift.

Discomfort around the ear.
Full bandage for 24 hrs.
Removal of stitches at 6 and 12 days
Drains from 1 to 6 days.

Strict rest for 1 week . Disability for 2 weeks Daily bath or every third day. Use mild soap . Using compression garment for 1 month. Moisturizers on the first week . Use of sunscreen on the 2nd week. Makeup after the 2nd week. Hair dying after 1 month . Avoid the beach, the pool, and sea for two months.

Improves the appearance of chronological age . It is permanent but does not stop time. Ideal for premature aging. Ideal after losing weight . Ideal to prevent normal facial aging. Ideal for women and men .

Inflammation for 3 to 6 weeks . Bruises by 2 to 3 weeks. Results at the first month. Improvement in facial appearance without losing facial expression . It provides freshness to the face . A younger appearance ; between 5 more years. NO small grooves or fine wrinkles corrections,those are corrected by other methods such as fillers and botulinum toxin. NO appearance of skin color correction, for that you need another method , such as peeling , laser or bleaching creams.

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