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It is the restoration of the muscle tone and the skin of the abdomen by removing the loose skin and fat as well, as the closure of the rectus muscles of the abdomen through incisions hidden in the navel and above the pubic bone, allowing the use of underwear and bikinis without noticing the scars.


Flabby abdomen.
Abdomen with stretch marks.
Abdomen with scars.
Abdomen with hernias.
After losing weight.
After pregnancies.

It is very variable, you can be performed at any age. Motherhood once completed.
In very young people, even without previous pregnancies, losing excess weight.
Both women and men.

2 Weeks before
Avoid smoking and alcoholism.
Avoid exhausting diets.
Avoid taking aspirin and carnictina.

1 Week before
Avoid intense sun exposure.
Avoid the intense cold.
Do not suspend the exercise.
Preoperative complete.
cardiological assessment in patients over 45 years old.

8 hours before
Strict fast.

Round around the navel.
A wide transverse scar on pubis , iliac bone ilium.
The length depends on the width of each hip in women.
Rarely in circular shape.
Puede combinarse con aumento de senos y lipoescultura sin mayores riesgos.

Epidural block and sedation.
General balanced.

3 hours if it is the only surgery. 4 to 5 hours if it is accompanied by liposculpture. It can be combined with breast augmentation and liposuction without major risks.

Usually one night or 24 hrs.
In cases of multiple surgery until 48 hrs .

Padded with cotton bandage.
Immediate postoperative girdle.
Urinary catheter for one night.
Drenovac or drains for 1 week.
Removal of stitches at 12 days.
Bath the next day , with bandage changes.

Discharging the next day.
Sleeping on fetal position or pillows under the knees.
Bruising for one or two weeks.
Tolerable and less than a cesarean pain.
Inflammation by 1 to 3 months.
Patience can drive from the 3rd week if there are no complications .

Total rest for 1 week.
Rest on the second week.
Semi crouch walking for two weeks.
Cotton bandages from one to two weeks.
Normal daily or every two days bath.
Compression belt for two months.
Exercise 2 months after the surgery .
Beach and sea exposure until the third month.
Sex at the 4th or 5th week.

Firm and flat abdomen.
Two weeks with a lot of swelling.
Two weeks bruised.
Two to four weeks with nodules or hardening under the skin.
Hypesthesia or anesthesia zones from 1 to 3 months on the skin.
Total stretch mark removal.
Definitive removal of scars under the navel.
Final disposal of sagging or flabby skin.
Final disposal of hernias.

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