Stands for the harmony, naturality, and beauty.


We do it when facial development ends , at the age of 14.

The seriousness of this issue is the image that the patient perceives of himself , rather than the image that others see.


Unaesthetic nose.
Deviated nose.
Prominent nose.
Humped prominent nose.
Deviated septum.

After the growth.
After the age of 14 in men.
After the age of 15 in women.
There is no limit in adulthood.

Avoid smoking 2 weeks before.
Avoid taking aspirin.
Avoid exposure to intense sun.
Avoid exposure to intense cold.
Strict fasting 8 hours before.

1 a 2 horas.

Puede aumentar el tiempo si se asocia a otros procedimientos.
Local si solo es la punta nasal.
General habitualmente.

Internas invisibles.
Externas imperceptibles
from 1 to 2 hours.

The time if it is associated with other procedures, it could take a Little longer.
Anesthesia Local in case of a nasal tip procedure.
Its usually used general anesthesia method.

Internal invisible.
External unnoticeable.

Not necesary.
Usually from 6 to 8 hrs in recovering and discharging.

nose plugs for 3 to 5 days.
Acrylic splint for 7 days.
Points will automatically dissapear at 2 to 3 weeks.

Evolución 1 semana con inflamación.
1 a 2 semanas con moretones. 1 a 2 semanas sin percepción de olores y sabores.

Fomentos fríos ambos ojos por 3 días
Antibiótico por 1 semana.
Anti inflamatorio y analgésico por 1 semana.
Evitar lentes por 1 mes.
Evitar sonarse por 3 semanas.
Dormir con 2 almohadas por 10 días.
No mojar la nariz por 2 semanas.
1 week with inflammation.
1 to 2 weeks with bruising.
1 to 2 weeks without perception of smells and tastes.

Cold fomentation on both eyes for 3 days.
Antibiotic for 1 week.
Anti inflammatory and analgesic for 1 week.
Avoid lenses for 1 month.
Avoid blowing for 3 weeks.
Sleep with 2 pillows for 10 days.
Do not wet your nose for 2 weeks.

Rest for 1 week.
Incapacity for 2 weeks.
Swimming and exercise 1 month later.

Results Improvement at 8 days.
2 months definitive results.
Swelling up to 3 months.

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